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Aussie Ford 302 Cleveland 6" rods

"A 302 Cleveland?"

"You may think there never was a Cleveland 302, and you're partially right. The motor was an Australian-only variation. It was produced from the 351 block that had been de-stroked. The 302 Cleveland has long been a secret among drag racers here in the states looking for a super strong 302." - Mike DeFord, Carlisle Events.

Mike is correct, the Australians introduced the 302ci Cleveland in 1972. It was made using a 351 Cleveland block with standard 4" bore and a special forged 6" (6.025") rod giving it a 3" stroke (as opposed to the 351 Cleveland that has a 3.5" stroke). Standard 351C rods are 5.78". To develop extra torque and compression Ford redesigned their Cleveland heads from the standard 2V open chamber to 2V closed chamber heads (I can also supply the 2V Aussie Closed Chamber heads!). Production of these motors went well into the 80's.

With a set of these rods and a 302C crank dropped into a US or Aussie 351 block you could be running a unique 302 Cleveland. I can supply Aussie blocks and Aussie 2V closed chamber heads to match.


You can make a long rod 351C using a custom piston. Using these rods will alter your rod/stroke ratio by causing the piston to remain at top dead center longer creating more torque.

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You get:
8 used rods that came out of a working motor.
8 used end caps
used nuts and bolts may be attached

302 Crank can be supplied at additional cost.

$80 by Money Order
$84 by 
Aussie 6"
Cleveland Rod
Shipping $15 (lower 48)

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